Creating confident, active learners

With a view to provide holistic early childcare education and care, our programme provides appropriate learning experiences based on individual age, development, culture humane and education. Through our principles and practices and in partnership with parents and the wider community, we develop the whole child – physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Our spaces are centred around sensory and playful experiences that stimulate curiosity and learning through open ended exploration. All learning is through play as we’re guided by the principles of Te Whariki.

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Under Two’s

Your little one needs lots of love and extra special care, and our infant programme provides just that. Infants and toddlers have time and space to explore at an unhurried pace. Teachers are responsive to their needs and endeavour to incorporate your child’s home routine into centre life. A calm settled environment fosters children’s sense of well-being.

Our dedicated daycare teachers document every child’s interests and abilities. These are analysed collectively by the team to prepare an individualised action plan. You can also enjoy your child’s early learning journey in their journal.

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Over Two’s

From helping toddlers safely enjoy their newfound independence to getting our preschoolers prepared for school, the Over Two’s curriculum incorporates our value pillars – empowerment of children, holistic development, family and community partnerships and building robust relationships with our families. The tuakana-teina relationships are very evident as our older children help and support our younger children.

While the toddlers focus on self-discovery, our preschoolers are taught how to deal with emotions, build friendships and develop independence and self-confidence. Visit our Pitt Street, Palmerston North Childcare centre today to meet our team.

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Curriculum Pitt Street | Childcare Palmerston North | Lots of Hugs