Learning and Care Programmes

Lots of Hugs Infant Programme

0 to 1year of age


The lots of hugs Infant Program is designed to meet the physical and emotional needs of children up to one year old. Care routines are paramount for this age group and our staff will work closely with parents to ensure home routines continue in the centre. The learning activities for this age group are geared to stimulate your child's developing social and language skills. Fun, security and a calm environment are integral to this programme.

Lots of Hugs Toddler Programme

1 to 2 year of age


Welcome to the world of toddler ones, an age where children have a rapidly developing sense of self. This is characterised by physical movement, language acquisition and the exploration of social relationships and imaginative play.

As part of the Lots of hugs Toddler Programme, this phase of self discovery in children is supported by activities based on sound, imagination and experimentation (colour, texture and shape) to help them express themselves. We also help children to understand their emotions and develop their relationships with other children through empathy and concern.

At this age your toddler is learning a lot about their bodies. Our staff is here to guide and support your child through early toileting; literacy and numeracy; and language and socialising skills.

Lots of Hugs Preschooler Programme

3 to 5 year of age


The Lots of Hugs Preschooler Programme gets your child ready for school. It supports learning with exciting activities to best meet their cognitive, physical and social-emotional development.

Under the trained eye of their teachers, our preschoolers will begin to experience the joy of self-expression in the areas of music; arts and crafts; movement; story time; and games in our supervised play areas. Dramatic play; outside play; music and movement; blocks; and science are a big part of their day.

Transition to school is important at this stage and our programme lays an emphasis on providing children the skills needed to be ready for school.