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About Us - Pitt Street

Vision Statement

To prepare children for their lifelong learning journey, we will empower them to gain confidence and competency in their learning abilities through active partnerships between the centre and family and community/WhanauTangata.

E rakatemaui, e rakatekatau
A community can use all of the skills of its people

We will endeavour to honour all children’s spirituality/Wairua, offer opportunities for gained knowledge/Hinengaro, support their physical development/tinana and nurture their emotional well being/whatumanawa

Philosophy Statement

  • All educators endeavour to provide an environment where the child is cared for and educated in a holistic way.
  • Lots of Hugs provides a primary care giving system that allows all children to gain belonging in the environment.
  • Lots of Hugs provides low child/teacher ratios where possible
  • All educators encourage independence in children and endeavour to facilitate an environment where children have the ability to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • All educators’ role model positive behaviour, encouraging responsive and reciprocal relationships.
  • Educators recognise and are responsive to all cultures and their beliefs in the environment.
  • Educators respect all participants in the environment, including children, parents, Whanau and staff.
  • Lots of Hugs provides equitable opportunities for all who participate
  • Educators respect the Treaty of Waitangi by way of partnership, principals, participation and protection
  • Educators understand that there is a diverse range of learners at Lots of Hugs and caters for all of these learning styles by way of knowing each child and understanding them.
  • Educators at Lots of Hugs take pride in their environment and aim to make it exciting for all that participate.
  • Lots of Hugs aim to have involvement with the community as much as possible.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Lots of Hugs is to provide safe, affordable, high quality education and care for our children in our community. In doing so we support families in their effort to reach their goals. We have a home environment where every child is respected and valued. We have a cognitive based programme to help children’s holistic development at their own pace. We are here to support and encourage families in bringing up their children with quality care and education.