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About Us - Ferguson Street

Vision Statement

To prepare children for their life long learning journey, while maintaining rich relationships with Parents / Whanau. To respect and respond to the holistic needs of all children which allows all children to be confident in their own identity.

E rakatemaui, e rakatekatau
A community can use all of the skills of its people

We will endeavour to honour all children, taking into account their holistic needs and working within a Te ao Maori context to ensure that each child retains their identity within the learning community.

Philosophy Statement

We believe in our five centre values, which are:
Identity- Who the child is and how they are recognised as an individual within the learning environment.
Respect- Looking after the people, places and things that are around us.
Social Competence- How we engage with others.
Expression- How we communicate ourselves to others.
Inquiry- Holding the skills and strategies needed to make new discoveries and gain new knowledge.

We believe that all children deserve the right to have warm, reciprocal interactions, to be respected, challenged. Extended and developed as an individual – irrespective of age, ability, gender or religion.

We honour the Te tiriti o Waitangi by empowering our teachers to use Te reo Maori and to make Te Ao Maori an everyday part of our centre.

We will respect all Parent’s aspirations and values for their children and cater for all children’s individual needs in order to allow the children to engage in a similar environment

We believe that the child is central to everything and acknowledge that consistency and low teacher child ratios are vital for quality education and care We believe that partnerships between parents, Whanau, teachers and the community are the key aspects to providing a holistic approach to educating and caring for our children. We believe that these partnerships should be based on openness, friendship and shared knowledge. All members of the centre community should feel welcome to visit at any time during the day

We will display warmth, honesty, understanding and empathy to enhance the social, physical and emotional competency of each child

We believe that children should be able to experience positive role modelling from teachers, therefore encouraging positive behaviour that is supported through positive reinforcement and affirmations.

We believe that early numeracy and literacy are important parts of children’s education and can be offered in ways that are purposeful and meaningful to the child.

Teachers will facilitate children’s self directed play experiences according to their interests, strengths and abilities.

We believe that all children should be given the chance to make their own choices, set their own problems and have their achievements recognised. We will empower children to become critical thinkers and problem solvers with the skills to make informed decisions.

We believe that all children should have fun while they learn

We encourage independence and positive social interactions amongst children.

We believe that it is our responsibility to motivate our children to learn and challenge then in their own thinking.

We believe that all children should feel respected and also gain understanding of respect for ourselves, others and the environment.

We believe that all children have the right to belong, know who they are and that they are capable of achieving the tasks that they set for themselves.

Mission Statement

Our Mission at Lots of Hugs is to provide safe, affordable, high quality education and care for our children in our community. In doing so we support families in their effort to reach their goals. We have a home environment where every child is respected and valued. We have a cognitive based programme to help children’s holistic development at their own pace. We are here to support and encourage families in bringing up their children with quality care and education.