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 The sparkle in a child's eye, that Eureka moment when they discover something new in the process of learning, is a highlight for my team and me. Luckily for us, we have plenty such moments in the course of a day. At Lots of Hugs Childcare we consider a child's early years to be extremely important, and it is our role to provide professional, caring and friendly support to assist your child's development. Each one of us takes pride in the achievements of our little champions…from the first alphabet they stutter in the very early years to the poems they recite before they head to school; every memory is treasured and shared with you.We have an open door policy where in you are welcomed to visit your child and be part of their learning.

In fact we encourage it as it boosts a child's confidence and sense of security. It is also heartening for us to see your delight at your child's development.We organise regular events for the whole whanau to come together in the child's growing years. Parent days are held three times a year. Father's Day, Mother's Day and Grandparents Day are also celebrated with open mornings (9am to 11am) when you can visit your child and enjoy a cuppa with us.Our programme incorporates the Ministry-approved Early Childhood Curriculum of Te Whaariki. Children are taught basic virtues of life like love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self- control.Our experienced and qualified staff ensures your child receives the best education and care possible in an optimum learning environment where we meet your child's individual needs.Knowing that every child is different and special, our programme is designed to be flexible to cater to your child's unique requirements. I invite you to come into our childcare centre and discuss your child's boundless opportunities with us.
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Our themed environments are carefully created and richly resourced to encourage children's creativity and social interactions. There is a love for natural materials throughout the inside and outdoor spaces, which welcomes and offers children the opportunity to explore the wonderful sensory experiences nature has to offer.

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Our greatest asset is our link to parents. As parents, you will always know your child best. We see our role as a partnership with you in providing a loving, safe and experienced hands that care for your child, in your absence and bring out their full potential.. Your involvement in life at Lots of Hugs Childcare is highly valued.

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